The Heart of Coney Island Fitness

Coney Island’s Premier
CrossFit Facility

CrossFit Steed was built by two friends with more than 20 years of combined fitness training under their belts and one common mission - to provide the most amazing CrossFit experience on the planet. We judge our success by how well we help you achieve your personal goals. Remember, you don't have to be fit to start, but you do have to start to get fit!

No matter what your goal is - losing weight, building muscle, or just feeling a little better every single day - the most important thing you can do is put in the effort. It’s not about how much weight you can lift or how fast you can move. Your journey to perfect fitness begins and ends with your passion, drive, and determination. We’re here to help you turn that passion into the results you want faster by teaching you to build your fitness the RIGHT way.

We’ve been told over and over that our gym atmosphere is second to none. Friendly and supportive, we’re so much than "just a gym." As a member, you will get to know our trainers and your fellow athletes personally, and in addition to your improved fitness, you'll enjoy some of THE BEST social events ... Steed athletes know how to party. We know how to motivate you through the Workout of the DAY (WOD), cheer when you hit a PR, and especially how to coach you through those times when you don’t quite make it. If you’re looking for a place to get fit and make lifelong friends in the process, CrossFit Steed is it. We can’t wait to meet you.

Just get started. Everything else comes later.

Ready. Set. GO!

Our Facility

CrossFit Steed’s 2,000-square-foot box is Coney Island’s haven for functional fitness. We’ve been lucky enough to snag the ideal space for CrossFit - a rarity here in Brooklyn - with 14-foot ceilings, solid concrete floors and cinderblock walls. Plus, we’re right off the Belt Parkway, so we’re super easy to get to, no matter where you are coming from.

Inside our walls, you’ll find everything you need to get the strong, lean body you’ve been dreaming about. We’re overstocked with all the cool CrossFit tools you know and love (and sometimes love to hate) so you never spend time waiting to start your workout. Our coaches will work personally with you to make sure you stay safe and see great results on the way to your goals. But the real gem of our gym is our people. Friendly, light-hearted and supportive - our athletes love helping each other, and you, succeed at Steed.

Success Stories
  • Paul saved my life plain and simple. I can’t say how grateful my wife and 6 year old daughter are to Paul for everything. You can't find many coaches or human beings in the world that would make that type of investment in another person. All I can say is a huge THANK YOU! You won’t find a better human being in my book then Paul. I strongly encourage anyone who has the opportunity to work with him and train with him to do so.

    Marlon Tropeano

  • I met Paul through CrossFit and we became friends often training together in the same class. Paul was always one of the better athletes in the gym and it was pretty well known that he followed nutrition to best compliment his training. One night we were talking and I mentioned the challenges I was having. "If you want, I’ll help you build a plan that’s right for you – just tell me when". That's all I needed to hear. I immediately agreed and assured Paul I would do whatever it takes to get on the right track and stay there.

    Louis Garcia

  • Crossfit Steed is a perfect box, providing ultimate coaching. I consider them as my second family. Keep it up.


  • Everything you have done for me is beyond words. From gym work to conversations. You're all genuine. And from what I can see you guys are your own critics. You make changes and additions before anyone would even have a suggestion. You are family. Have everyone's interest at heart. You are above and beyond.

    Michael Reilly

  • CrossFit obviously had an immediate impact on my life with some pretty drastic changes out of the gate. However, if you ask me what part of the story I am most happy about, what I consider the most successful... It was finding a lifestyle that I could sustain long term and hardwire into how my family lives our lives.

    Paul DeBonis