Let's Get Started!


Let's Get Started!

Why Crossfit STEED?

Fitness means Getting Results

Losing weight... building muscle... getting lean... improving athletic performance.... looking great naked... whatever your fitness goals are... 

Our mission is to provide you 1 training solution to achieve, and smash, all of your goals regardless of your fitness level or training experience. 


Our high intensity training program is designed to be universal and effective by utilizing workouts we've 

built using highly effective exercises that require maximum effort in exchange for noticeable results. 


Why is our program is right for you?

Have any questions or nervous about jumping in and trying out 1 of our classes?     

No worries... No sweat is required!

A short phone call with one of our trainers will answer any of your questions & quickly help you understand why our program is right for you!

About Us

All in a Day's Work at CrossFit Steed

Every class features HIIT style full body workouts designed to Maximize your results!

Every movement is scale-able & workout customize-able so that we can provide similar results to people of all shapes, sizes, ages & genders.  

Check out this video to see some of the work you'll do with us in any given class. 

Daily Class Schedule


Visiting from out of town?   

Please click here to reserve your drop in before showing up to class. 

Monday through Friday

6am - 7am              Steed Strength & Conditioning

7am - 8am              Core-Fiit  

8:30am - 9:30am    Steed Strength & Conditioning

4pm - 5pm              Steed Strength & Conditioning

5pm - 6pm              Steed Strength & Conditioning

6pm - 7pm              Steed Strength & Conditioning

8pm - 9pm*             IGY6 First Responder FItness

       * 8pm class only on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

       ** All Friday classes feature odd object training


8am - 9am                  Steed Strength & Conditioning

10am - 11am              Steed Strength & Conditioning

11am-12pm                Steed Strength & Conditioning

12pm - 1pm                Steed Strength & Conditioning


8am - 9am                  Steed Strength & Conditioning

10am - 11am              Steed Strength & Conditioning


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CrossFit STEED

2705 West 16th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11224, United States

2705 West 16th St. Brooklyn NY 11224 (718) 714 - 4348


Monday - Friday: 

   6am to 10am & 

   4pm to 8pm

Saturday:  8am to 1pm

Sunday: 8am to 11am