CrossFit Steed – temporary – dont use


Row :45 sec (sprint last 15 sec)

rest 15sec

x 3 sets (easy effort when not sprinting)


A) JOBES – with minie plates (2.5s or 5s)


10 bentover row jobes

10 thumb up thumb down

10 90/90 jobes

strait arm raises – 10 side, 10 45 deg.,

10 in front

10 jobes shsoulder press

B) Burgener warm up

1 set with pvc

1 set with empty barbell

Snatch Complex (11111111)

1 Segment Power Snatch

1 Power Snatch

Every 2mins x 8 sets (Working in the 75-85% loading range)
21:00 clock

5:00 warm to 75% power snatch

16:00 – 1 complex every 2:00 (8 total sets)

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

5 mins AMRAP – 80% Effort

Reverse Sled Drag 10m (moderate weight)

5 Strict Toes to Rings/K2E

Sled walk forward 10m

6 Dual Kettlebell/Dumbell Deadlifts(moderate weight)

rest :60 seconds

5mins AMRAP – 80% Effort

Row 12/10 Cals

12 Alternating Pistols (bodyweight)

9 Burpees (no jump no clap)

*Sub Prisoner Box Step Up for Pistols today if needed

*This is a partner Wod.

Partner (A) starts on 1st AMRAP. Partner (B) starts on 2nd AMRAP. Then switch after :60 sec break.

*If done as an individual wod start with 1st AMRAP then perform 2nd AMRAP after :60 second rest.


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