CrossFit Steed – Steed Strength & Conditioning


+ add banded front rack stretch

+ wrist distraction (10 circles in each direction)

complete mobility before warm up


3:00 EMOM – with light load db

2 db power clean

2 db hang power clean

2 db power snatch R

2 db hang power snatch R

2 db power snatch L

2 db hang power snatch L

*complete all within the same minute*

set up 2 empty barbell with your partner – 1 for clean & 1 for snatch

choose someone who is lifting approx same weights as you

6:00 warm up to starting weight

*follow the exact EMOM*

Alternate A&B every 30 secs:

A) 2 power clean + 2 hang power clean

B) 2 power snatch + 2 hang power snatch

(partner 2 starts their cleans at the :30 mark)

by the last set you should be up to 70-75% for the strength to start

Snatch/Clean Complex (1111111111)

10:00 EMOM – alternate A&B every 30 seconds

A) Power Clean + Hang Power Clean

B) Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch

(complee A then move to 2nd bar to perform snatchs & go right away with no rest between)


i. teams of 2 people with 2 total bars set up between them (1 for snatching and 1 for cleans)

– 70-75% of power clean &

– 70-75% of power snatch

ii. all athletes will start staggered.

– 1st partner starts at 0:00

– 2nd partner starts at :30 mark

start with low loads, focus on perfect form

you may increase each set but only if you can complete your working set before your partner needs to start his set

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20:00 continuous movement

partner A)

sled walk forwards 45m

partner B)


6 man makers 50/35

5 pull-ups/ring rows

12 2-db front rack reverse lunge steps Alternating

1 rope climb

parnters switch when 40m sled push is completed.

partner A begins the amrap where partner B left off.

score is total rounds of the amrap for both partners combined


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