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Vinny Locombo

Co-Founder & Head Coach

Vinny is the Co-Founder and Head Coach at CrossFit Steed.

He has over 20 years of experience within the personal training industry, in addition to personal athletic and training pursuits in fitness and competitive sport. A year into studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Vinny suffered a cervical spinal injury that brought everything to a halt.

“After having spine surgery, I was told that lifting weights, especially overhead, would never be possible again. I decided otherwise! I began using kettlebells as a way to rehab, which eventually led me to finding CrossFit.”

Vinny was immediately hooked by the workouts and opted to apply for his Level 1 certification. Now, as Founder & head coach of his own facility, Vinny specializes in gymnastics and helping other athletes conquer their goals.

CrossFit Level 1
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Paul De Bonis

Co-Founder & Head Coach

Paul is Co-Founder and head coach at CrossFit Steed. Training and athletics have always been a major part Paul’s life. He was a four-sport athlete in high school and played Division I baseball in college.

“I discovered my love for coaching while working for youth sports programs and camps at my church & the local little league I came up through as a kid.” Paul started CrossFit as a way to get in shape for his upcoming wedding and became certified soon after when his wife also decided to start her training. CrossFit quickly became a new-found passion.

“My favorite thing about coaching is getting to know our members as individuals. I try my hardest to understand each person’s particular goals, along with their challenges especially, so we can work together in figuring out how to achieve them.” It’s a collaboration in every sense of the word.”

CrossFit Level 1

Joe Molbury

Head CrossFit Coach & Box Manager

Joe’s coaching journey began with on the baseball field… playing competitive baseball from the age of 6 on up through high school. Later, he became an assistant coach for a baseball team where he fell in love with helping others reach & surpass their athletic goals.

He started incorporating CrossFit-style workouts into his training routines to provide his athletes an edge in their strength and conditioning. While searching for more detailed workouts & programs, he discovered CrossFit Steed and soon after started his CrossFit coaching career with Steed. Fast forward a couple of years, Joe is now our head CrossFit coach.

Joe doesn’t believe in specialization. “I just try to be as good as possible in all aspects of my coaching. I’m passionate about our people and helping them reach their full potential.”

CrossFit Level 1
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Chris Torres

CrossFit Coach

Coach Chris has a diverse fitness background that includes baseball and mixed martial arts.

“I was initially introduced to CrossFit during my time employed with Reebok NHL. I was a heavy-set guy who finally decided to start my fitness journey. Right around this time, I took the Fire Department Test. Upon receiving my list number, I turned to CrossFit to get into optimal shape.” Chris fell in love with the training and decided to make it a part of his personal and professional life.

As a coach, he’s passionate about improving the health and wellness of the general population of people as well as has a passionate focus on helping to increase the overall fitness & performance throughout the first-responder community with added strength and conditioning training.

M.S. Nutrition

Registered Dietitian Eligible

Didactic Program in Dietetics


CrossFit Level 1

Paige Giordano

CrossFit Coach, Nutrition Coach

Paige pulls double duty as a CrossFit coach and our resident nutritionist. She’s no stranger to hard work and discipline as she was a competitive dancer since just 3 years old. She fell in falling in love with weightlifting at 21, which opened the door to CrossFit. The then fitness instructor left her general training behind became a CrossFit coach and never looked back.

“I am passionate about creating a fun, motivating, and consoling environment for those who want to better themselves physically and mentally.” Paige specializes in nutrition and loves being a part of members’ milestones. It’s a truly rewarding experience.

CrossFit Level 1
USA Hockey Level 3

Billy Faulkner

CrossFit Coach

How did a former hockey player become a CrossFit coach? As a youth, Billy’s superior skills earned multiple awards including Most Improved and Most Valuable Player. His skills and reputation opened the door to an opportunity within another organization. “I had been coaching ice hockey for nearly a decade when my gym owner asked if I would be interested in coaching CrossFit.” Although it’s slightly different training, Billy’s hockey background prepared him well for his new career path.

“It may be a bit of a cliché, but my favorite part of being a CrossFit coach is watching people do things they never thought possible.” It could be anything from their first double under to their first muscle up. It’s a great feeling to watch people succeed at what they are passionate about!”

– Internationally accredited by Precision Nutrition

– NASM FNS (Fitness Nutrition Specialist) certification

– Research focus in how food can heal the body

Charles Vassallo

Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist

I am a 45 year old South Brooklyn Native and had been a competitive athlete for most of my life until a considerable series of tragic and stressful events, including the murder of my sister in 2009, caused a serious loss of motivation towards healthy & productive living. My health began to seriously deplete, including pre-diabetes type-2 (aka insulin resistance), hyper-thyroidism, psoriasis and depression. Battling adversity became a daily challenge as my health continued to slip away.

Thankfully, a new found interest had sparked a new driving force for me and I finally found my way/my calling in the health, wellness & nutrition industry. This became my lifeline & truly saved my life. I began competing again, now as an Extreme Endurance Athlete, excelling at OCR (Obstacle Course Racing). My success at securing several podium appearances ultimately resulted in a national ranking.

I have studied how food & proper nutrition can heal the body of almost any sickness. Through my studies and experiences I developed a winning formula for what I consider ‘True Health’ or the synchronization of mind, body and spirit, taking consideration all things exercise, nutrition and mental clarity. I have succesfully tested this system on myself and several clients with great results – I know longer suffer from any of the ailments that once controlled my life and I now live a full, healthy, peaceful and very athletic life with my family.

I consider my greatest achievement being able to help change someone’s life and guide them to overall higher qulaity living. I have been training clients for over 6 years now varying in focus from HIIT & Bootcamp style to an emphasis on 1-to-1 personal coaching, functional movement & corrective exercise.

CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE FOR MORE NUTRITION CONTENT – you can find me here:      NUTRITION 101 by charles


CrossFit Level 1

Rad Banar

CrossFit Coach, Sport Specific Trainer

As a collegiate level swimmer and long time lifeguard at our local community Coney Island Beach, Rad has always been an athlete.

After receiving his BS in exercise science, he want on to pursure “The Gold Standard” of certifications for Strength & Conditioning trainers and received his SCCC after interning at Wakeforest with their division 1 football program. He has worked with numerous athletes that are now playing at the professional level and continues to bring amazing value and insight to our athlete’s training at Steed.

CrossFit Level 1

Katie Scotko

CrossFit Coach

Before CrossFit, Katie excelled as an athlete in softball, earning high school honors in the sport before moving on to the collegiate level.

These days, she’s a school teacher who spends her free time coaching numerous softball teams. “I love to help people in any way that I can which is how I became interested in being a coach.” It’s also why she jumped at the chance to join CrossFit Steed’s coaching internship program.

“I am everyone’s biggest fan and I enjoy encouraging others to meet their personal goals. My main objective is to make fitness fun so that members look forward to coming back each day.”

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