Fitness Programs we Offer

Strength & Conditioning / Crossfit


  Strength training is a critical part of any fitness regimen. These classes are HIIT style total body workouts designed to help you gain strength, build muscle, burn fat/calories and improve endurance. 

Workouts incorporate lifting weights, applied gymnastics, cardio training and calisthenics to target both your aerobic and anaerobic systems for maximum results.

Suitable for all fitness levels. 

Strength Training Foundations


 A comprehensive program designed to provide you with a complete introduction & instruction on specific strength training movements. 

It is comprised of 4 main sessions to break down & teach you the basic elements of strength training, starting with the basic squat and progressing to complex Olympic Weightlifting & Gymnastics movements. 

Foundations will optimize your training experience & set you on a path to success. 


HIIT Training


  HIIT  delivers a high energy full body workout using short, timed sets alternating between cardio and strength training movements. 

No two sessions are the same and utilize many different energy systems, making it an amazingly efficient way to achieve the results you want, often burning calories for up to 36 hours after a class. Attack the Fat & start building lean muscle today!  

Each session incorporates a varying mix of cardio drills, kettle bells, plyometrics, rowers/bikes, battle ropes, medicine balls, dumbbells, sandbags, and more! We will Keep your heart rate up and target your core with each and every move.

I got your 6 NYC


 A training program designed to build the fitness of New York City’s Bravest, Finest & Best! If you are currently in the process of, or aspire to, enter a civil service academy (FDNY Fire or EMS or NYPD) IGY6NYC is for you!

Our program is centered around functional fitness including strength training, and metabolic conditioning that prepares candidates for the physical strain of academy PT, as well as the physical and mental strains that civil service careers carry.

All classes are taught by current members of the service. We strive to put our First Responders & candidates in the position to excel throughout their careers.   

We also welcome anyone that wants to train like first responders do.

Personal Training



When you sign up for Personal Training with us, you’re signing up for customized & creative fitness programs designed by our trainers to help you smash your goals, while making sure you have fun in the process.

We tailor everything specifically to your needs & welcome individuals of all levels, regardless of experience, age or ability! Our Coaches will track your specific data in order to show you steady progress over the course of your program.

Nutrition coaching is also available as a part of a total fitness personal training package or as a separate program - just let us know how we can best design the program for your needs!

Odd Objects Training


The body is a fantastic machine that adapts to the loads that are placed upon it. By teaching it to overcome a load that is greater than itself, you will force your stabilizer muscles to work overtime. In turn, this will shock your central nervous system into stimulating new muscle growth. You will gain a new love for training through these new classes. Moving heavy objects with great technique has always been known to invigorate your workouts. 

Anything can be used to make an odd object to train with. We mostly use sandbags (many differnet sizes), Deadballs and Sleds. We do include kettlebells and many types of crawls and carries as well.

Odd Object Training take place during every Friday class