Our Story

Founders, Paul and Vinny 1st met & became great friends while training at a CrossFit gym, a story you will find common among most of the members at CrossFit Steed today.

As two friends with over 30 years of combined fitness training experience (including a decade + of current CrossFit training), we soon after realized the opportunity to make a dream come true and opened CrossFit Steed in April 2015 with one common mission – to provide the most amazing fitness experience on the planet.

A STEED is a highly spirited, strong, powerful & swift horse – often used for riding into battle.

This defines our personal style and the way of life at our box.  Your journey to perfect fitness begins and ends with your passion, drive, and determination. Whether you’re a veteran to training or brand new & just getting started, we understand that everyday is a battle filled with ever changing obstacles to reach your personal goals; both in & out of the gym. We’re here to be the best hour of your day by pushing you to find your limits & explode through them. Our coaches will help turn your passion and desire into the results you want faster. We are hardworking, motivating, and not afraid to try something new in the name of building a more complete fitness focused lifestyle.

We judge our success by how well we help you achieve your personal goals. No matter if the goal is losing weight, building muscle, winning competitions, or just feeling a little better every single day – we can help you get there. Remember, you don’t have to be fit to start, but you do have to start to get fit!

Last but not least, as a gym started by two best friends, we place huge importance on our relationships. With a focus on a friendly and supportive atmosphere, we strive to be more than just “your gym”. As a member, you will get to know our trainers and your fellow athletes personally. In addition to your improved fitness, you’ll also enjoy some of THE BEST social events … Steed athletes know how to party. If you’re looking for a place to get fit and make lifelong friends in the process, CrossFit Steed is it.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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