Meet the Trainers

Vinny Locombo - Co-Founder & Head Coach

Co-Founder and Head Coach at CrossFit Steed Vincent Locombo.

Over 20 years of experience within the Fitness & Personal Training industry, in addition to personal athletic and training pursuits in fitness and competitive sport. 

Vinny suffered a cervical spine injury studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. “After having spine surgery, I was told that lifting weights, especially overhead, would never be possible again. I decided otherwise! I began using kettlebells as a way to rehab, which eventually led me to finding CrossFit.”


CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Kettlebell, CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting 

Paul De Bonis - Co-Founder & Head Coach


Over 20 years of experience in both coaching & playing competitive sports. Paul had his 1st serious look into strength & conditioning training as a division 1 collegiate athlete.

“My favorite thing about coaching is getting to know our members as individuals. I try my hardest to understand each person’s particular goals, along with their challenges especially, so we can work together in figuring out how to achieve them.” It’s a collaboration in every sense of the word.” 


CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, 

CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting,

CrossFit Kettlebell  

Joe Molbury - CrossFit Coach


Joe’s coaching journey began with on the baseball field as an assistant coach for a baseball team where he fell in love with helping others reach & surpass their athletic goals.

He started incorporating CrossFit-style workouts into his programming to provide his athletes an edge in their strength and conditioning. Joe doesn’t believe in specialization. “I just try to be as good as possible in all aspects of my coaching. I’m passionate about our people and helping them reach their full potential.”


CrossFit Level 1

Chris Torres - CrossFit Coach; Founder of IGY6 NYC


“I was initially introduced to CrossFit during my time employed with Reebok NHL. I was a heavy-set guy who finally decided to start my fitness journey. I turned to CrossFit to get into optimal shape once receiving my list number for the FDNY. I fell in love with the training and decided to make it a part of my personal and professional life."

As a coach, Chris is passionate about improving the health and wellness of the general population of people and especially passionate about focusing on helping to increase the overall fitness & performance throughout the first-responder community with added strength and conditioning training. 

Chris is the Founder of the IGY6 NYC First Responder Fitness Program. (read more about on our programs page)


CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2,

CrossFit Weightlifting

Paige Giordano - Nutritionist & CrossFit Coach


Paige pulls double duty as a CrossFit coach and our resident nutritionist. She’s no stranger to hard work and discipline as she was a competitive dancer since just 3 years old. She fell in falling in love with weightlifting at 21, which opened the door to CrossFit. The then fitness instructor left her general training behind became a CrossFit coach and never looked back.

“I am passionate about creating a fun, motivating, and consoling environment for those who want to better themselves physically and mentally.” Paige specializes in nutrition and loves being a part of members’ milestones. It’s a truly rewarding experience.


M.S. Nutrition

Registered Dietitian Eligible

Didactic Program in Dietetics


CrossFit Level 1

Billy Faulkner - CrossFit Coach



Former hockey player turned CrossFit coach... As a youth, Billy’s superior skills earned multiple awards including Most Improved and Most Valuable Player. His skills and reputation opened the door to an opportunity within another organization. “I had been coaching ice hockey for nearly a decade when my gym owner asked if I would be interested in coaching CrossFit.” Although it’s slightly different training, Billy’s hockey background prepared him well for his new career path.

“It may be a bit of a cliché, but my favorite part of being a CrossFit coach is watching people do things they never thought possible.” It could be anything from their first double under to their first muscle up. It’s a great feeling to watch people succeed at what they are passionate about!”


CrossFit Level 1
USA Hockey Level 3