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    • Formulated by Athletes for Athletes
    • Designed for Strength, Recovery & Endurance
    • Products range from proteins (from whey to cricket); BCAAs; Pre-workouts, creatine, magnesium sleep aid; krill oil, Super Greens mix and MORE
    • Coach Joe is an ambassador of FNX; ask him about any product!
    • 15% off Discount Code: FNXJOMO


    • Sports nutrition system, formulated by Doctors
    • Specifically engineered for every day athletes who take their fitness seriously
    • Natural Ingredients. Zero Artificial Sweeteners. Zero Artificial Colors. Zero Artificial Flavors.

Medical Professionals

Dr. Vincent Adamo

Swait Patel PT & CrossFit Steed Member

    • 1 on 1 Physical Therapy sessions with Steed members
    • 1 session

Jon Lee P.T. / DPT & CrossFit Steed Member

    • Physical therapy & functional movement screens
    • Contact info:


Hylete Affiliate

    • 40% discount code

Dead KettleBell

    • Steed Member Juan Cordoza

ZeroX Apparel

    • Steed trainer English

Nutrition / Meal Replacement

Make sure to check these out when you come into the box, some of our favorites immediately following any training session at the Box!

Condition One Nutrition

    • High Res IMagery coming….
    • Real Food For Real Performance; Founded by a US Marine; conceived in a combat zone;
    • Handcrafted & fresh baked nutrition bars engineered to provide you with lasting sustainable energy, while rebuilding muscle & fighting fatigue Each bar provides a full meal replacement focussing on a balance of protein, complex carbohydrates & healthy fats; delivering 380 calories & 25g of Protein
    • Veteran Owned & Operated; A potion of every bar purchased is donated to other veteran-run non-profits
    • Make sure to ask in the box how to buy yourstoday , either in boxes or single bars

Businesses owned by Steed Members

Below are businesses owned by your fellow CrossFit Steed Box Mates; make sure to mention Steed when contacting them for their services

  1. Petros Realty
  2. Affordable Motors
  3. A Good Plumber
  4. Tommy Sobolow
  5. Others coming…


2705 W 16th St Brooklyn, NY 11224

Phone Number: